‘Bubblemaker’ Children’s Scuba Diving Lesson in Bristol


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This ‘Bubblemaker’ Bristol scuba lesson is a fantastic introduction to scuba diving for children that will give them a little taste of the wonderful world of scuba! It’s often said that the best time to learn anything is when you’re young and have no fear, and scuba diving is no different! Although children over the age of ten can earn their ‘junior open water diver’ certificate, many mums and dads would prefer to give them a little taster first to see if it’s for them, and this bubblemaker course is the perfect way to do it! They will dive to a maximum depth of just 2 metres, so they will be totally safe and in a controlled environment, while still getting to experience the full feeling of breathing and floating underwater. The ‘Bubblemaker’ children’s scuba diving lessons last for approximately 2 hours. Little divers will arrive and meet their instructor for a full briefing to welcome them and introduce them to the incredible experience they are about to enjoy, as well as introducing them to the diving equipment they will be using. From here, everyone will get fitted and kitted out with their scuba gear, and spend up to 60 minutes in the water! While they are having the time of their lives, they will be under the constant supervision of a PADI professional instructor. This Bristol scuba diving lesson for children makes a truly unforgettable birthday gift for adventurous kids, or a great birthday party idea for an intrepid group!